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Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School


Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School

Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School

Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School

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PIAA Athletic Physical Packet


This Physical packet must be completely filled out before the student can practice or play.

Code of Conduct

2023- 2024 Physical Packet Document - Extracurricular Code of Conduct.pdf

ATHLETE and PARENT must sign and return the the signature page of this document before being permitted to participate in Corry Athletics.

Off-Season Waiver Release

Off Season Waiver.pdf

This form must be completed and on file with their coach before a student-athlete may participate in off-season activities of their chosen PIAA sport at Corry Area middle-high school.

Sports Recertification

2022-2023 Sports Recertification.pdf

This form needs to be filled out and returned to the coach before an athlete is permitted to practice or play a second or third season of any given school year after already completing a CIPPE physical form.

PIAA Emergency Card

PIAA Emergency Card.pdf

Coaches should have one of these on file for any athlete on their team.

Parent Code of Conduct

Parental Code of Conduct.pdf

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to help you make a commitment to yourself, your child and everyone else you meet during your child’s athletic experience. Take the time to read each of these statements and truly make a commitment to adhering to them.

2023-2024 Athletic Handbook

2023-2024 Athletic Department Handbook.pdf

This is a copy of our recently revised and most up-to-date version of our athletic department handbook. It contains the policies and guiding principles that our athletic department follows.

District 10 Roster Form

D-10 Roster Form (1).xlsx

Coaches should use this form to submit their team roster to the athletic director. Position, Height and Weight columns are not required. All other information should be completed.

COVID Screening Form

COVID WAIVER for Athletic Participation final draft 6-16-20 (1).DOCX

Pre-practice and pre-contest COVID screening form.

Recreation Permission Form

Rec Permission Form (1).DOC

This form must be completed and on file with their coach or activity director before a student may participate in recreation sports and activities in the Corry Area School district.

Head Coach - Beginning of Season Packet


This packet contains all the information needed to be collected before the start of the season.

Head Coach - End of Season Packet

EOS Packet 2023- 2024 HC.pdf

End of the season packet for the head coach. Contains: Supplemental Reimbursement Request Form Varsity Awards List Inventory List Season Summary Head Coach Evaluation Letter of Intent

Coach Intent to Continue Coaching

Intent to Continue MEMO.docx.pdf

This form is to be turned in by a coach at the end of the season to help determine staffing needs for the following season.

Coaching Supplemental Reimbursement

Copy of COACHING Supplemental Reimbursement Form.docx.pdf

This form is to be completed and turned in by the coach at the end of the season in order to process their payment.

Volunteer Application Packet

Volunteer Application.pdf

This application packet needs to be completed and submitted to the school board for approval before a volunteer can participate in athletic activities.

Game Worker Paysheet

Game Worker - Pay Sheet.xls - Sheet1 (1).pdf

This form is to be used by those people who work the home sporting events and turned in at the end of the season to receive payment. District employees may also work sporting events for Give Back/Team Building hours in lieu of payment.

Supplemental-Recreational Coaching Application

Suppllemental-Recreational Application.pdf

This packet will need to be completed before a coach is taken to the board for approval to be hired.

Coach's Code of Ethics

Coaches Code of Ethics.doc.pdf

This document is reviewed signed and turned in by each of our coaches each year. By doing so they agree to coach by this code.

Continuous Category 1 Volunteer Form

2022 continuous Category I Volunteer Form.pdf

This form is to be used by volunteers that continue in their voluntary role from year to year. I can also be used by a paid employee who is filling a volunteer position.

Athletic Disclosure High School 2021-2022

Athletic Disclosure High School 2021-22.pdf

Athletic Disclosure Middle School 2021-2022

Athletic Disclosure Middle School 2021-22.pdf


NFHS - Sudden Cardiac Arrest Training Module
Each of our coaches is required to review this course yearly.

NFHS - Concussion in Sports Training Module
Each of our coaches is required to review this course yearly.

Transportation Request Form
Coaches, Use this link to request school vans for athletic use.

Weather Underground
Local weather information for Corry PA.