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Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School


Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School

Beaver athletics

Corry Area High School

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PIAA CIPPE - Sports Physical Form


Parents and student-athletes must complete Sections 1 through 5 before the physical evaluation. Section 5 will be reviewed by the Doctor and the Doctor will complete Section 6. Section 7 will be completed during the recertification process for any student-athlete who chooses to participate in additional sports. When a student-athlete decides to participate in a second or third sport during the school year, the student-athlete will go to the nurse to get their physical packet. Once they have that packet, you will complete Section 7 and turn it in for the nurse to review. If there were no significant injuries suffered in the previous season, the student- athlete will be eligible to compete. However, if there was an injury suffered, the student-athlete will have to have section 8 completed by a doctor, probably the doctor that took care of the injury. Section 8 will be completed by the trainer and/or the doctor for students that are involved. Section 9 is specifically for students participating in wrestling. Section 10 is a Acknowledgement, waiver and release related to COVID-19. Please make sure that Sections 1 through 5 are completed when your son or daughter goes for their physical. If you have any questions about the pre-participation physical packet, please contact the school.

PIAA CIPPE - Recertification Form

PIAA CIPPE - Re-Certification.pdf

Section 7 of this form needs to be completed and signed by the parent if a student is competing in their second or third sport of the school year and HAS NOT sustained an injury that required medical treatment. Section 8 of this form also needs to be completed by a physician if the student HAS sustained an injury that required medical treatment.



This is the new COVID waiver/release form required by the PIAA of student athletes.

PIAA CIPPE - Sudden Cardiac Arrest & COVID Acknowledgment

PIAA CIPPE Section 4 - SCA&COVID.pdf

This is the new PIAA sudden cardiac arrest and COVID warning signs and symptoms acknowledgement.

Recreation Permission Form

Recreation Permission Form.pdf

This form is required to be on file with the coach or director for all recreation sports and activities in the Corry school district. Varsity PIAA sports should use this form for their offseason workout and activities permission form.

Parent Code of Conduct

Parental Code of Conduct.pdf

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to help you make a commitment to yourself, your child and everyone else you meet during your child’s athletic experience. Take the time to read each of these statements and truly make a commitment to adhering to them.
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